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SHIOUCY Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser - Desktop Electric Hot and Cold Dispenser,3 Temperature Settings Boiling Water, Normal Water,Ice (46-59 Degree F ) for 1 to 5 Gallon Bottles, White

SHIOUCY Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser - Desktop Electric Hot and Cold Dispenser,3 Temperature Settings Boiling Water, Normal Water,Ice (46-59 Degree F ) for 1 to 5 Gallon Bottles, White

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  • : Boiling water, Normal temperature water, and 8-15 degree cold water.The heating system uses the same technology to heat your water and prepare your favorite hot drink, which is very handy in winter. The countertop hot and cold water cooler dispenser is perfect for your bedroom, studio, office, grocery store and more.
  • :The countertop water cooler dispenser has a hot and cold function and can be used all season. The minimum cooling temperature can reach 8 ° C, which can meet the needs of hot summers! The maximum heating temperature can reach 95 ° C and can be used to make tea, coffee, hot cocoa, instant soup, instant noodles and more.
  • :This top loading countertop water cooler dispenser is one key start, automatic temperature control, easy to use.
  • :This Top Loading Countertop Water Dispenser is easy to disassemble and clean,convenient for you to clean the water dispenser regularly,Keep drinking water healthy.
  • :For cooling, turn on the green button on the back of the dispenser; for heating, turn on the heating switch on the front of the dispenser.Soak and clean the lower water storage tank with lemonade before using.Insert the water bucket first before turning on the power. Do not turn on the power if there is no water.

Product Description

Hot drinks in winter and cold drinks in summer

Ice and hot dual-use, intelligent drinking in four seasons, bringing you meticulous warmth

  • Item name: Electric Water Dispenser
  • Voltage: 110V,60HZ
  • Color: Rose Gold / European white
  • Rated And Heating Power: about 550W
  • Rated And cooling Power: 75W
  • Product Size: 27*24*36cm/10.6*9.4*14.1inch
  • Net weight: 4.8kg/10.5lb
  • Refrigeration: 0.26gal/H ≤ 46℉, need 50 minutes
  • Heating: 1.32gal/H ≥ 203℉, need 6 minutes
  • Applications: It can put 3.5L(0.92gal), 5L(1.32gal), 10L(2.64gal) and 18.9L(5gal)bottled water.

Our water dispenser is small in size and occupies a small office and living space. One key start, power indicator light can check the working state. Versatile base, suitable for various types of drinking buckets, removable base, easy to clean. Humanized design, push cup water, easy to use.

Packing list:

  • 1 x Electric Water Dispenser
  • 1 x power cord

Compatible with various drinking buckets

Convenient design, Humanized water outlet

  • One-handed operation, just one push to dispense water
  • Does not interfere with the work at hand

Applicable to multiple scenarios,Small size, easy to move, hygienic and clean appearance

living room



Q&A During Use

Q1. Is the hot feature hot enough to brew tea?

Answer: Yes, it's hot enough to make coffee and tea or even cereal.

Q2. Can you adjust the hot temperature to a desired temp?

Answer:No you cannot set the temperature.

Q3. Does it make a noise? If yes, is it loud?

Answer: It was quiet and made no noise.

Q4.How to make the water dispenser work?

Answer: The small switch on the back of the cooling button, the water dispenser can only be cooled after it is turned on, and the yellow light is on when it is cooling.The heating is on the front power switch, the water dispenser can only be heated after it is turned on, and the red light is on when heating.

Q5. Will it dispanse water if there is a power outage? Or unplugged?

Answer:It will still dispense water with no power.This water dispenser works even if you unplug it. Hot and cold water will eventually return to normal temperatures after a while.

Q6. How long before it heats the water to boiling? And what is the total wattage of it?

Answer:It does not heat the water to boiling temperature. It heats up to greater than or equal to 95℃and the power consumption is 550W when cooling and heating functions are both ON.


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